Foodie Delights Package

From: £35.00

Nom nom nom. Some yummy foodie delights to give her an indulgent, culinary treat.


Nom nom nom. Some foodie treats to give her a yummy treat all for her.
A yummy zesty marmalade with a kick, “Cold Pressed Concentrated Coffee” by Artemis (a fabulous concoction that can be used to simply make coffee by adding hot water, used in baking or used to make cocktails like the famous Espresso Martini), biscuits, fig chutney and the amazing Olde Sussex cheese made from unpasturised milk from raw British Frisian cows’ milk.


Margarita Marmalade (113g)

A tangy lime marmalade with a zesty tequila kick! A great way to start the day.

Cold Brewed Coffee Concentrate (50ml)

A bottle of magic for tired mums in need of caffeine! A 21 hour cold brewing process delivers a more defined and flavoursome drink without the bitterness of conventionally brewed coffee. Made to the same strength as espresso using only fresh speciality coffee and filtered water, it provides a consistent strength and flavour, every time. Simply add hot water to make a fabulous cup of coffee, use in cocktails to create drinks such as Espresso Martinis or use in cooking to make cakes like the popular coffee and walnut.

Cocoa Loco Dark Chocolate Bar with Coffee Beans (100g)

Olde Sussex Cheese (200g)

A delicious creamy cheese made from unpasteurised milk from their 230 herd strong of Holstein Fresian cows.

Deerview Fig Chutney (100g)

A yummy chutney that goes brilliantly with both cheese and pate.

Cottage Delight Oval Albert biscuits (150g)

A moorish biscuit with a fabulous crumbly texture. The best of British savoury biscuits.

East London Baby Company Teething Jewellery – optional

These can be purchased alone or as an additional extra to any hamper.

A beautifully stylish set of necklace and bangle that will make Mum feel gorgeous and will occupy baby too, who can chomp away on it merrily. The set is available in either Raven with marble bangle or Mint with mint bangle.


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Such a wonderful gift to give to a friend after having her second baby. Being a mum of two- I really would have loved to have received these treats after my lovely bundles had arrived. New mums love receiving gifts for their new babies but it’s really nice to get a gift that is just for you (and maybe to share with the new dad!)