What’s in the Hampers?

  • Nipple Balm by Mia and Dom (30ml)
    The early days of breastfeeding can be tough for some new mums - so soothe, protect and heal your hard-working nipples with this organic balm. This lanolin-free, natural product is made with coconut oil which is full of vitamin E, antioxidants and anti-bacterial agents. Naturally soothing shea butter and calendula oil which will protect tender nipples and roman chamomile essential oil helps to treat any pain. Apply a little after feeds when required - no need to wash or wipe off before feeding. 100% organic ingredients: Coconut Butter, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Castor Oil, Calendula Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Tocopherol, Roman Chamomile. Volume: 30ml Cosmetically approved for pregnancy and babies.
  • Lactation Biscuit Mix
    This Biscuit mix contains all the vital dry ingredients required to whip up some delicious biscuits that aim to improve and support milk supply. Whether mum is breastfeeding or not they will give a her a much needed, high energy boost. The mix is packed full of ‘latogenic’ ingredients such as brewers yeast, oats, cacao nibs & fenugreek. The mix is sweetened with coconut sugar only making it refined sugar free & is also vegan. Just add water & coconut oil to this mix to create 14-16 tasty, high energy biscuits that taste great.  
  • Get Up And Glow Tea
    A zingy fruit infusion tea (15 tea bags) by HOTTEA MAMA, bursting with tropical, tart, sweet flavours. A caffeine free tea that will leave you feeling energised and glowing.
  • "Mama, You Got This!" enamel pin badge
    A handy reminder for Mama to show she's totally got this! Made from pink hard enamel and black toned metal with a rubber clasp. A lovely shiny and unique enamel pin, featuring the 'Mama, You Got This' design by Alphabet Bags. The perfect pin for jazzing up jackets, totes, backpacks and all sorts of other items. Supplied backed onto a card.
  • Sleep Baby Sleep Roll On Remedy
    This organic natural remedy from Mia & Dom helps mum AND baby drift off to sleep. Roll this mix (9ml) of calming botanical oils across baby's chest or on mum's pillow to help them relax. This organic baby treatment is made with roman chamomile and lavender essential oils. Suitable from birth.
  • Head Ache Roll on Remedy
    An aromatherapy stick (9ml) by Mia & Dom that helps roll away tension headaches with its soothing blend of peppermint and ginger essential oils. Simply roll on your temples or wrists, sit back and relax. Ginger is a hot, moving oil and is known for its ability to treat headaches. A perfect blend to help sooth a tired and sore head.
  • Cold Brewed Coffee Concentrate (50ml)
    A 21 hour cold brewing process delivers a more defined and flavoursome drink without the bitterness of conventionally brewed coffee. Made to the same strength as espresso using only fresh speciality coffee and filtered water, it provides a consistent strength and flavour, every time. Artemis Coffee Concentrate can be used in many ways. Simply add hot water to create a beautifully smooth and flavoursome hot coffee - the perfect quick fix for a tired mum in need of caffeine. It can also be used as a direct replacement for espresso in a variety of cocktails, in particular the very popular Espresso Martini. Lastly, coffee concentrate can be used in cooking to create delights such as coffee and walnut cake.
  • Margarita Marmalade (113g)
    A tangy lime marmalade with a zesty tequila kick! A real treat for a citrus lover in need of a treat. The marmalade is traditionally handmade in open copper pans at the kitchen of Cottage Delight, and lovingly prepared in the Staffordshire Moorlands in small batches, using only the finest quality fruit and zest.
  • Silk Viola Eye Mask
    A StephieAnn silk eye mask is designed with comfort, style and sensitivity in mind. This beautiful creative print is inspired by poetry and lined with 100% black silk satin to help block out the light. This gorgeous silk eye mask has anti aging properties, avoids creases around the eyes and help preserve moisture in the skin, perfect for a sleep deprived mum. The comfortable strap fits comfortably allowing the eye mask to stay in place throughout the night.    
  • Prosecco & Raspberry Lip Balm In Rose Gold Gift Box
    A gorgeous Raspberry and Prosecco flavoured natural lip balm in a handy 15ml tin, packaged in a gorgeous rose gold triangle box. Made with Beeswax, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Calendula Oil and flavoured with Essential Oils, these lipbalms are a totally natural product, kind to your lips and a fabulous gift for any Presecco fans. The flavour of Prosecco and Raspberry is captured in this nourishing recipe, and the natural pink and gold colouring mixed with the balm is very firm and long lasting. Expiration dating is related to certain ingredients, like sunscreens and skin protectants. This products is not labelled with these ingredients and does not require an expiration date. Products without an expiration date do not expire. For best freshness, we recommend that the Lipbalm is used within one year after opening and store it at 20-25°C (68-77°F). made from: Handmade in The Vale of Belvoir UK from Natural Ingredients. dimensions: 15ml Tin Tin measures 40mm x 17mm
  • Christmas Decoration
    A gorgeous soft and shiny purple satin ribbon tied in a sumptuous bow around the hamper. We also offer a very special Mum's Back Christmas card, which we will hand write with any message we choose, along with the Mum's Back gift tag which will sit beautifully on top of the hamper.
  • CVNE Rioja red wine (375ml)
    If this mum is anything like me a glass of the good stuff is what she’s been missing the most, and this one does not disappoint. It’s an Old World, Tempranillo based wine from Rioja, Spain. Created by CVNE, established in 1879 in Haro, the capital of the Rioja wine region. More info about them here http://www.cvne.com/. We source our wine via the fabulous https://www.halfwine.com/ who specialise in sourcing great wine in half bottles, perfect for a new mum!
  • Coconut Fudge Cake Boost Balls
    Coconut and velvety cashew butter make this tropical taste sensation the creamiest and coolest of all the Boostball spherical wonders. Tasty and a real boost.
  • Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Boost Balls
    Boostballs are scrumptious balls of energy made with just 7 natural ingredients. They are high in protein and perfect any time of day to give a much needed boost. Imagine a whopping 33% protein, add some gooey peanut butter, smooshed up with the taste of freshly baked cookies, rolled into a ball of protein.
  • Maple and Cinnamon Roll Boost Balls
    Boostballs are scrumptious balls of energy made with just 7 natural ingredients. They are high in protein and perfect any time of day to give a much needed boost. With a hint of Cinnamon and a dash of maple syrup this little roller is as much about indulgence as endurance.
  • Cocoa Loco Dark Chocolate Bar with Coffee Beans (100g)
    Cocoa Loco produce the finest single origin, organic and Fairtrade certified chocolate, all made in their kitchen in West Sussex. This beautiful coffee bean bar is made from rich dark chocolate made using the finest single origin beans in the Dominican Republic.  Scrumptious enough to satisfy the most discerning chocolate lover. The added coffee beans are brilliant for giving a much needed boost to any tired soul.
  • Cocoa Loco Hot Chocolate Spoons
    Cocoa Loco produce the finest single origin, organic and Fairtrade certified chocolate, all made in their kitchen in West Sussex. This luscious hot chocolate spoon is made from silky smooth milk chocolate using the finest single origin beans in the Dominican Republic.  Simply pop your spoon into a cup of hot milk and stir until the chocolate melts, revealing the most scrumptious hot chocolate imaginable.
  • Folkingtons Sicilian Bitter Lemon (150ml)
    Folkingtons is a lovely Sussex based company that produces fruit juices, drinks and mixers that have unique provenance and authenticity. Their Bitter Lemon is made from Femminello lemons from Sicily, natural quinine from India and extract of myrtle leaf oranges grown in the Liguria Region of Italy.
  • Folkingtons Tonic Water (150ml)
    Folkingtons is a lovely Sussex based company that produces fruit juices, drinks and mixers that have unique provenance and authenticity. Their Indian Tonic Water is made from a blend of natural quinine (from Indian cinchona bark) with citrus and floral botanical extracts made in small batches. The absolute perfect accompaniment to gin!
  • Deerview Fig Chutney (100g)
    I’m a huge fan of this chutney. Based down in Sussex, Deerview are expert artisan producers of chutneys, preserves, marmalades and condiments. This particular chutney goes like a dream with both pate and cheese, which is why it works perfectly in this Mum’s Back package!
  • Cottage Delight Oval Albert biscuits (150g)
    The BEST biscuits to go with both pate and cheese, in my humble opinion! Craftsman baked in small batches using traditional recipes and the finest ingredients. Moorish with a fabulous crumbly texture. The best of British savoury biscuits.
  • Cottage Delight Duck and Armagnac Paté (90g)
    Pate is completely off the menu for pregnant ladies, and it was one of the things I really craved (typical!). I couldn’t wait to tuck in once baby was born and I think it was one of the first things I sent my husband out for! This particular one is an authentic pate using traditional recipe and methods. The Armagnac gives it an extra delicious and naughty kick.
  • Olde Sussex Cheese (200g)
    The award-winning Olde Sussex is a traditional hard British farmhouse cheese, made with raw British Frisian cows’ milk. Although a hard cheese, it has an open and bouncy texture and is superbly butter-rich in colour.
  • San Simone Prosecco (375ml)
    Prosecco! God love it. This particular number is an Old World Prosecco from Rondover, Italy. It's fresh, light and appley. The San Simone winery was founded in 1915. It takes its name from the 14th century chapel that is situated opposite the property. The Brisotto family have now owned the winery for four generations.
  • Two Birds London Dry Gin (20cl)
    I love Two Birds Spirits, a lovely little distillery founded in 2013, in the quaint British countryside town of Market Harborough, Leicestershire. All their spirits are lovingly produced by hand using their bespoke, handbuilt copper stills. This particular London Dry Gin is multi award winning. An absolute classic, packed full of juniper flavour and distilled with only 4 other botanicals. With notes of coriander, citrus and orris root combining with their ‘hush-hush’ secret ingredient, it creates a very distinctive and unique flavour.

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