The Celebrate and Recuperate Package

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Know someone who’s been through a lot? Do they deserve to celebrate, have some treats and a rest? This should do the trick. A package bursting with Prosecco, foodie treats and sleeping aids!

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Know someone who's been through a lot? Do they deserve to celebrate, have some treats and a rest? This thoughtful package of prosecco, energy-balls, organic chocolate treats, marmalade with a cheeky kick, coffee concentrate, a herbal sleeping remedy AND a luxurious silk eye mask should do the trick!


San Simone Prosecco (375ml)

A delicious San Simone Prosecco. Fresh, light and appley.

Cocoa Loco Hot Chocolate Spoons × 2

Simply pop the spoon into a cup of hot milk and stir to reveal the most scrumptious hot chocolate imaginable.

Cocoa Loco Dark Chocolate Bar with Coffee Beans (100g)

Maple and Cinnamon Roll Boost Balls

With a hint of Cinnamon and a dash of maple syrup this little ball of energy is as much about indulgence as endurance.

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Boost Balls

Gooey peanut butter smooshed up with the taste of freshly baked cookies, rolled into a ball of protein.

Coconut Fudge Cake Boost Balls

Coconut and velvety cashew butter make this tropical and creamy ball of energy.

Cold Brewed Coffee Concentrate (50ml)

A bottle of magic for tired mums in need of caffeine! A 21 hour cold brewing process delivers a more defined and flavoursome drink without the bitterness of conventionally brewed coffee. Made to the same strength as espresso using only fresh speciality coffee and filtered water, it provides a consistent strength and flavour, every time. Simply add hot water to make a fabulous cup of coffee, use in cocktails to create drinks such as Espresso Martinis or use in cooking to make cakes like the popular coffee and walnut.

Sleep Baby Sleep Roll On Remedy

This organic natural remedy from Mia & Dom helps mum AND baby drift off to sleep. Roll this mix of calming botanical oils across baby's chest or on mum's pillow to help them relax. This organic baby treatment is made with roman chamomile and lavender essential oils and is suitable to use from birth.

Margarita Marmalade (113g)

A tangy lime marmalade with a zesty tequila kick! A great way to start the day.

Silk Viola Eye Mask

Beautifully luxurious and comfortable silk eye mask designed by StephieAnn. Inspired by poetry and lined with 100% black satin to help block out the light. Stays in place brilliantly and helps preserve moisture in the skin; ideal for a sleep deprived mum in desperate need of some shut eye.

Sleep is for the Weak – optional

A very comforting and comical book, offering light relief for those days when new parents are questioning whether they could actually die from sleep-deprivation

East London Baby Company Teething Jewellery – optional

These can be purchased alone or as an additional extra to any hamper.

A beautifully stylish set of necklace and bangle that will make Mum feel gorgeous and will occupy baby too, who can chomp away on it merrily. The set is available in either Raven with marble bangle or Mint with mint bangle.


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Please note we're on holiday and any orders placed betwenn now and the 22nd July will be sent for delivery on the 23rd July

My amazing friend bought be a mum's back package after the birth of my little girl. It's safe to say that it was extremely well received, thank you. Beautifully packaged, thoughtful and delicious!

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