Crying At The Kid’s Nativity

I went to watch my little girls sing in their nativity performance at their preschool today. It was so beautiful and far more emotional than I expected. They’d been practising for a few weeks now. Ruby had been singing “when Santa got stuck up the chimney” to herself while going to sleep for a while, which has been making my heart burst. This was the first year that they were old enough to actually stay sat on their little stage while they sang and really get into it. It was so sweet. I managed to hold it together quite nicely until “Away In A Manger” started. Then I felt the first little sob make its way up my throat. I think the fact I’d been to a Dolly Parton night the evening before and indulged in one margarita too many probably didn’t help. I’m always more emotional when hungover.

I was pleased when “Jingle Bells” started. Much more high energy and far less emotional. It gave me time to pull myself together before the grand finale of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”, where I may have again shed a little secret tear.

As they sat in their little Christmas outfits, their little Christmas hats bobbing as they did the actions to the songs, I realised just how precious their ages (3 and 4) are right now. Yes they’re exhausting and demanding. Yes they drive me bonkers. But my goodness they can be sweet…and so innocent. They are the perfect ages to embrace the magic of Christmas.

It reminded me too of my old Christmas nativities. I still vividly remember the year I got to play Mary. What an honour! Though I also remember the disappointment when the boy who was originally set to play Joseph (who I liked) was swapped for another boy. I can’t quite remember the reason why….but I can remember I wasn’t happy. My parents must have sat there watching proudly just as I did this morning with my girls.

Time goes by so quickly. Another reminder that they’re not this little for long. So surely a little sob at their nativity is allowed? I was too busy watching the faces of my kids to notice if any of the other parents were having a cheeky cry too. But I like to think I wasn’t the only one……

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