Hospital Bag Essentials That Aren’t Mentioned Enough

If you are pregnant right now there’s a good chance you will have already done the “what to pack in my hospital bag” google search to find out what you need. As an imminent new mum I did this a lot. You can get some amazing and very comprehensive lists online. But there were a few items my friends tipped me off about, and I’m SO glad they did because they weren't on those lists.

I wanted to share them with you now, so that you can be in the know and also pass on to any of your pregnant friends who may also be thinking about what to pack in preparation for the big day.

  1. Maternity pads. Yes sure…..the lists usually include these. But I was not prepared for the amount I’d need. I ended up staying in hospital for a few days because my daughter was premature and had jaundice. So I was woefully underprepared on the maternity pad front. Don’t do what I did and use sanitary towels instead. They are perfumed and can irritate you down there,…and let’s face it, that part of you will have been through enough! I’d suggest getting the biggest ones you can and buying 3 packs at least.
  2. I found out about this too late. That first poo can be pretty traumatic. Lactulose eases this. Take a couple of spoonfuls straight away after labour and daily after that. When the time comes you’ll be so pleased you did.
  3. A jug. This sounds weird, but bear with me. At some point after child birth you’ll be wanting a wash. If you’re lucky you might get a bath, but in many hospitals you’ll have shower only. Often, the shower head is fixed to the wall. This makes washing your nether region a little tricky and that’s the part you’ll REALLY want to get to wash. A jug helps you get some water to that area. I was so pleased I had mine with me.
  4. An extra-long phone charger cable. You’ll be spending a lot of time lying in bed. You’ll be wanting your phone a lot and you’ll be grateful for easy access to it. Anything that can minimise you getting up and down a lot is a bonus. A long charger cable to ensure you can reach it is a great idea. 
  5. Ear plugs and headphones. Hospitals can be noisy places what with crying babies and women going into labour. You’ll be grateful to be able to block some of it out at times. 
  6. Thin pyjamas and a dressing gown, plus lots of loose, comfy clothes with easy access to boobs are essential! Hospitals can be hot….really hot. Especially if you’re due in the summer time. So make sure you have comfy layers that are thin and pack for a few days. You never know how long you’ll be in so be prepared. 
  7. This isn’t so much an item….more of a strategy. I had a separate bag for my stuff and another for baby’s things. This makes it so much easier to find items when you’re tired and in that new mum fog (which you will be)
  8. Comfy socks! Yes, maternity wards are hot but for some reason, after labour, your feet can feel cold. So a nice cosy and loose pair of socks are just the ticket. Flip flops are also a great idea for ease of taking on and off.
  9. Bendy straws! And a big sports bottle. You will be thirsty and potentially in lots of different positions you won’t easily be able to drink from (like on all 4s!). A bendy straw will help you drink and not have to move too much.
  10. If you aren’t keen on a Bountry rep (they come and ask if you want pics of your new baby and also get your details so they can send you offers) visiting you in hospital immediately after giving birth (which I wasn’t), you can print out this handy PDF that blogger, Alison Perry created. Pop it near your hospital bed so you can avoid having to deal with them at all.

I hope that was useful! If you are expecting a baby soon, then I hope it goes really smoothly for you. It really is a magical and crazy time and I know you'll breeze it.

This blog was written by Sally Bunkham, founder of Mum's Back, who sell luxury new mum hampers, focussing on the yummy stuff denied in pregnancy. £1 from every hamper sold goes to perinatal mental health charity PANDAS Foundation