New Mum’s Back Range is here!

I’ve been a bit quiet on the Mum’s Back blog recently. That’s due to a few reasons. Moving house for one. Oh my goodness, I’d forgotten how stressful that is! Every time we move I say “never again”, and then somehow I find myself doing it again. Anyway, we are now halfway there. Aside from moving and all the other shizzle that goes along with running a business and having 2 toddlers (Double potty training for one, what was I thinking?!), I have also been working on getting our new range of Mum’s Back packages live, and I’m really excited to say they are now ready to go!

Not only that, but Mum’s Back are now a partner with the fabulous NOTHS, and you can find our storefront live and kicking over there too. This is a bit of a dream come true for me. When I was planning the launch of Mum’s Back earlier this year I had an ambition of appearing on that site as a bit of a long-term goal, perhaps in a year or two once we were more established. So you can imagine my surprise and delight when I got the call from them to tell me they’d like to have us immediately.

I have to admit I had a great time choosing the products in our new range. As always, we are focussed purely and solely on mum. At our core we are still very much all about new mums, but the new range focuses on gifts for mums at anytime of the year, simply because they blooming well deserve them all year round.

You will find an amazing “Mother’s Ruin” package (obvs!) that includes some TwoBirds Gin that really hits the spot, along with Folkingtons tonic to accompany (it was SUCH a hard job tasting all those G&Ts and deciding which made the cut, as I’m sure you can appreciate).

There are some sweet treats and energy balls to give any exhausted mum a real lift, featuring the fabulous Cocoa Loco Chocolate and Boostball.

A lot of people were asking me where the hell the Prosecco was? A very fair question! So you will now find a delicious Santa Margherita Prosecco included in our offering.

Here at Mum’s Back we love our foodie treats, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. But I’ve added a couple of non-food related items into the mix that I am very excited about. The fabulous Emily-Jane Clark and her blog “Sleep is for the Weak” got me through some very rough times with my non sleeping babies in the early days. Her facebook posts cheered up some pretty bleak times for me. It was fate that the release of her brand new book tied in with the planning of my new range. So here we have it, her fabulous book is now available as a stand-alone item for Mum, or as an addition to any hamper. It’s absolutely brilliant. A bit like a laugh and comforting hug with your best mate in book form.

Lastly, when I found out about this I had to include it; teething jewellery from the funky East London Baby Co. Yes, this is for baby too (it’s especially for baby to chew and chomp on while teething – how clever is that?), but the main reason I’ve including it in the Mum’s Back range is because it looks so damned cool, whether baby is there or not.

Check out the brand spanking new range on our site here and on NOTHS here.

While I'm at it, I'd like to give a HUGE shout out to 2 men in my life that have made all this possible. Firstly my husband, Paul Bunkham. He is not only an amazing Dad but also a pro geek and built this site for me. And to the skilled and talented photographer and friend, Simon Evans, who took care of all the beautiful images you can see here of my products. I am very lucky to have you guys!