“Timing” – A Poem by Becky Kilsby About Her Father

In this run up to Father's Day, Mum's Back are taking the focus off mums and motherhood for a short while, and instead concentrating on Dads. In this post I'm honoured to feature a gorgeous poem by Becky Kilsby. She explains the reasons for writing it below, along with some really poignant advice….

“I wrote ‘Timing’ several years after my dear old Dad had died. I had an overwhelming urge to say out loud what I hadn’t directly said to him while he was alive. I know he was very proud of my achievements and had inspired many of them through his twinkling love for words. I wish that I had let him know more directly how much I valued everything he did for me and I wish more than anything that we could have time again to know each other as adults. This poem shines the spotlight on an individual – and if you still have a parent in your life, don’t waste time. Get to know them and let them know you. May your timing be spot on!”


I’m ready to know you

all set to hear
those Catalina Tales
Grantchester refrains
reverberating Tubular Bells

I’d give fair welcome now
to your exhortations
to crackle the pork
and to not (please)
slam the door

eyes often blinking
for that (frankly ridiculous)
pork-pie hat
worn blithe brio
in your Fenland garden shed

my fingers are greening,
poised to learn your
potting lexicon:
lobelia or nasturtium
nudging pendulous

Face turning late towards the sun,

I’m ready

Becky Kilsby

A bit about Becky

Becky is a Career Change Coach and Founder at Freestyle Careers

“I help career changers imagine and create a truly fulfilling career. Through my Quickstep Career Change Programme and Values Discovery packages, purpose-seeking professionals can create a working life that inspires them and aligns who they are with what they do.”

Huge thanks to Becky for allowing me to share her beautiful and moving poem. It certainly got me thinking about my own Dad.

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