Mum’s Back With Some New Gifts For Mums!

I am very excited because I have just launched some brand new products and packages to the Mum’s Back family. “But why?” I hear you cry.

Well…..I’ve been thinking about this for some time now. Mum’s Back was born from my very real and very personal experience of 2 back to back pregnancies. During my first pregnancy I really noticed how much stuff I wasn’t allowed anymore….the usual things…cheese, pate, wine, gin, prosecco (basically ALL the booze) and my pals and I chatted and joked (ok…half joked) that the first thing we’d do after having our babies would be to guzzle a glass of rouge with a nice lump of yummy unpasteurised cheese. When my little girl WAS born my lovely husband did in fact get me those things as a present….and the boy did good! I realised they were the best new mum gifts ever, and something like this should be common place!

This realisation really hit home when I got pregnant again just a few weeks later and was confined to another 9 months abstinence, and the concept for Mum’s Back was confirmed…to concentrate on gifts for new mums that focus on the yummy stuff they were denied in pregnancy. This is still very much at the heart of Mum’s Back, along with our passionate aim to raise awareness of perinatal mental health issues and money for PANDAS Foundation (£1 from every package sold goes to them).

However….as I go along this crazy journey of parenting, something occurs to me. It’s not just NEW mums that deserve and need support, treats and encouragement. It is in fact just MUMS. Whether they be new mums, not so new mums, experienced mums….just ALL MUMS! My kids are now 3 and 4. I love them so very much. But MY GOD we’ve been through some rollercoaster times together….and they haven’t even started school yet! The sleep deprivation doesn’t as soon as they’re not babies anymore (sorry to tell you if you have a baby). Sure…it improves, but it can still be rough. So can the colic, the potty training, the first day at nursery, all the illnesses they catch, the stopping of the breastfeeding, the weaning….and so much I haven't had the pleasure of (yet)….the friendship squabbles, the sleep overs, the teenage years. Not to mention the stuff some parents go through…those with kids with special needs or special requirements, for example. Those going through grief or loss. I could go on and on. What I’m trying to say is that there are zillions of times in a mum’s life when she needs a treat or deserves a little recognition, because I have no doubt that all mums are absolute super heroes.

This is what my new range aims to reflect. Yes, a lot of our gifts still focus on the new mums amongst us. But many are not just for new mums. They’re just for mums. The tired mums. The stressed mums. The mums who need a break. The mums who need a hug. The mums who should be celebrating how fricking awesome they are. So there you go! That’s my reasoning.

I’d LOVE you to check them out and tell me what you think! Just click here and pay special attention to the ones with the little yellow “new” label on them. Bye for now. Mwah x

This blog was written by Sally Bunkham, founder of Mum's Back, who provide luxury hamper gifts for mums.